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We also offer individual (a la carte) services for customers not requiring a full rifle rework or custom build.

Custom Cerakote and laser engraving is available on ALL builds.

  • Laser Engraving (Caliber on barrel) - $40.00

  • Muzzle threading - $75.00

  • New Barrel Chamber/Install - $325.00

  • Re-Crown Muzzle - $40.00

  • Stock Bedding - $50.00

  • Cerakote (Single Color) Receiver/Barrel - $200.00

  • Taper Muzzle Break to match muzzle diameter - $45.00

  • Trigger Adjustment - $30.00

  • Combining the best of both worlds. Light weight for packing up any mountain and accuracy on par with rifles weighing twice as much

  • These rifles feature: featherweight profile carbon barrels, Titanium or ultra-light actions and Lightweight graphite or carbon stocks

  • Short action weights Under 5.0 lbs to 5.5 lbs (depending on options and barrel length)

  • Long Action 5.25 lbs to 6 lbs (depending on options and barrel length)

  • Designed to offer the highest level of precision while still being light enough to pack

  • Featuring: custom actions based on the Remington 700 footprint, Sendaro taper Carbon fiber or 416ss barrels, and a wide choice of hunter/target stocks

  • Short actions weights 6.0 to 8.0 lbs (based on barrel length and options)

  • Long action 6.5 to 8.5 lbs (based on barrel length and options)

  • This quintessential do-it-all big game rifle is designed to be rugged, weather resistant, and accurate

  • Based on blueprinted Remington 700 actions with 1 piece bolts using M16 style extractors

  • Stainless steel barrels

  • Fully cerakoted barrel actions

  • Rugged Bell and Carlson stock with full bedding

  • Available in long and short action calibers

  • Available with or without muzzle break

FULLY CUSTOM BUILD - Contact for pricing
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