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These options are ideal for anyone who owns a rifle which is not meeting their expectations.

Custom Cerakote and laser engraving is available on ALL builds.

Initial Inspection - $50.00

This first step will identify accuracy/consistency issues with factory rifles and develop a plan to remedy the issues. 

Package includes:

  • Inspection of chamber and bore with bore scope

  • Verify proper headspace 

  • Inspection of receiver bedding

  • Inspection of muzzle crown

  • Inspection of bolt/bolt lug contact

  • Scope mounts and rings

  • Barrel to stock fit

  • Test firing (Additional cost for ammunition and time applies)

Option 1 

With Option 1 improvements are made to correct issues identified in Initial Inspection. Price is based on the requirements of each rifle. Below are the average prices for each step.

  • Installing Optics / Leveling Reticle / Lapping Scope Rings - $40.00

  • Install Stock Pillars - $50.00

  • Bedding Receiver to Stock - $50.00

  • Inlet Stock for barrel clearance (Free-floating)- $30.00 - $50.00

  • Lap bolt lugs - $30.00

  • Adjust/Tune Trigger - $30.00

  • Crown Muzzle - $40.00

Option 2 - Starting at $750.00

Option 2 involves chambering and installing a new match grade barrel in either stainless steel or Carbon fiber. This removes the critical weak link in most factory rifles. Note: If you choose this option we wave the inspection charge.


  • Blueprinting the Receiver 

  • Lapping bolt lugs

  • Precision Chambering (Bore runout is  held to no more than 0.0003" and headspace to 0.001")

  • Single point cutting of threads

  • Muzzle Cut to desired length and crowned

  • New precision ground recoil lug

  • Caliber stamped on barrel

  • Stock bedding and barrel clearance (free-floating)

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