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Jacksonville, NC

Benfield Precision custom built a rifle for me while I was deployed. It started as a Pacific Tool and Gauge action married to a Carbon 6 barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. He threded the barrel for my suppressor. It sits in a Bell and Carlson lightweight varmint stock and is cerakoted in tungsten gray. The finishing touch was getting my military occupational specialty (0369) on the bottom metal, making this rifle one of a kind. 

It can shoot better than I can, and produced a .382” group on it first outing. The group was 3 shots with Hornady Precision Hunter 143 grain ELD-X. This rifle is a tack driver. I can‘t wait to get another custom rifle built. His craftsman and quality are top notch. 

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Boise, ID

Benfield Precision is what I always envisioned a customized gunsmith being.  Chris listens to my wants and needs, offered up suggestions and then delivered a rifle that I had confidence in. I was able to produce an accurate shot the first time I pulled the trigger.


I also appreciate the extra touches he provided on my .270. I used it to harvest my first Idaho Antelope last year.  Benfield Precision not only provides beautiful craftsmanship, but more importantly BP provides a level of accuracy that should be delivered with every gun purchase.

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Boise, ID

I took my brand new Kimber Montana to Chris at Benfield Precision. No matter what I did it would not shoot consistently. He was immediately able to identify some issues with the pillars and the bedding of the stock. Once these issues were resolved, Chris did some further “accurizing” on the rifle for me. It now shoots consistently Sub MOA and I even got a 2” group at 400 yards last year! 


This is extremely impressive for a rifle that weighs 6.5lbs with scope. I used this rifle to take my bighorn sheep on a truly once in a lifetime hunt here in Idaho.  I could not be more pleased with the work that Benfield Precision has done on my Kimber and several other rifles over the years. I would highly recommend Benfield Precision.

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